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Working From Home Made Easy

Resources that are available during the Covid 19 Pandemic


Everyone knows that our normal operations have changed abruptly as we all do our part to "Stay Home and Stay Safe" during this Corona-virus Pandemic. Here are some resources that are available from our partners to help. We are happy to assist you with the implementation of any of these services.

Free Video Conferencing from 8x8

Stay where you are. Stay Productive.
With 8x8 Video Meetings you can meet with your team without traffic jams or carbon emissions. And unlike other video meeting services, you can also meet without giving us your email. Seriously.
Just visit our site, name your meeting, and start your 8x8 Video Meeting. That’s it.
Free in HD
8x8 Video Meetings feature free HD video and audio, free unlimited meetings, free dial-in with toll-free numbers. Happily, we've also made them time-limit free. Meet all day. Meet all night. We don’t judge.
Travel is (cough, cough).
Traveling to a meeting is expensive, time-consuming and a hassle. Sort of like buying and installing “free” video conference software. And because they’re web-based, 8x8 Video Meetings are also always virus free.
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